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Gulus Turkmen founded the portal AlternatifAnne.com (Alternative Mothering) in 2010, a platform where Turkish experts  and blogger mothers gathered with an objective to propose motherhood models that are not only sceptical to prevailing current trends but also create stimulus for raising children in conscientious ways.

Her research reference book “Anneligin Otesinde” (Beyond Motherhood, 2012) about ongoing motherhood movements and their attributes through a comparative perspective by focusing on cultural distinctions from around the globe, has been critically acclaimed and gave way to numerous conference and panel invitations from foremost universities in Turkey along with reviews and discussions in national TV and radio programmes.

Turkmen’s last project is a design of a self-assessment method, in the guise of a game, entitled “The Map of Motherhood” that aims to generate awareness in mothers about the qualities of their approaches. Her second book with the same title (Map of Motherhood) published by Dixi Books in English in June 2018 argues for an internationally viable approach to “Sustainable Good Parenting”.

Turkmen is giving workshops and lectures in Turkey as well as in Europe.